What Can I Play?

Spaceship crews

Find a ship and a crew, and fly out into the Black! Many of the 'Verse's golddiggers follow this recipe in the hunt for survival, adventure and riches. The vast majority handle their tasks with due diligence, both with regards to transporting goods and passengers. However, to make ends meet, not everyone can afford an honest living. Often there's easy money to make by flying contraband under the nose of the Alliance every now and then, while others are organised smugglers. At the very bottom of the hierarchy you'll find those who make a living from stealing and piracy. 

Spacestations like Zionia Station on Clementine, far away from the watchful eyes of the Alliance, have a tendency of attracting a variety of ships and crews. The reasons for going to the very edge of the Rim can be many. But although most things are conducted in a manner legal enough for the Alliance to turn its gaze away from Clementine, very few are completely innocent when they land on the planet. 

Your motives can be many. Perhaps you are an opportunistic crew of former miners who were attracted by Clementine's rich orange ground? You may also be a group of well-organised smugglers, who have been freighting illegal goods to Clementine for one of the rich nobles, and caught the scent of quick money before flying off again? Maybe you came to Clementine by coincidence, and need to fly under the radar while you calculate the risk of stealing from some of the well-bolstered ships that have docked? The options are many, but what spaceship crews have in common is that they want to leave Clementine richer than they came. 

What is playing a spaceship crew about?

  • Flying on missions or adventure into the local part of the 'Verse
  • Trying your luck on and around Clementine and making money this way
  • Building your reputation or watching it crumble if you stretch your luck


What is playing a spaceship crew not about?

  • Sitting all day drinking beer at Zionia Station's bar
  • Plotting and out-maneuvering your fellow players from your classroom/pavillion
  • Shooting down your opponents at Zionia Station because you brought more guns

A spaceship crew can be constructed in many ways, and we hope that you will use the various skill trees to tailor your ship and crew. In the Firefly series we are presented with a classical spaceship crew on Serenity: we meet the captain with a shady past and his second in command; a pilot with a love of toy dinosaurs; a bubbly mechanic, a trigger-happy gunner; a highly educated doctor and his crazy little sister; a companion, who opens doors with her cunning and connections; and a pastor, who in many situations is the voice of reason. Everyone onboard Serenity has a function. Think along these lines when you create your own crew. Who is the captain, the mechanic, the pilot, the medic, the cook? Does she ship carry any passengers, like a noble paying to go on an adventure, an author chasing her next story, a gambler on the run? Don't limit yourselves to the archetypes of the Serenity-crew, but create your own, unique crew. Do, however, remember the fact that somebody will need to fly the ship as well as repair it when the engine blows far out in the Black. 

Think about why you're flying together. Perhaps our constellation is completely random, and the individual members were picked up along the road? Maybe you were all prisoners from the same jail? Maybe you grew up in the same Irish colony? Maybe all of you are brothers and sisters sharing the same dad? Maybe you all served the Alliance, and now enjoy a civilian's life onboard a fully legal freighter?

Consider where you are along the moral compas. Are you law-abiding citizens with a clear conscience, only transporting goods and people approved by the Alliance? Or is your legal freighting operations a cover for transporting contraband? Are you space pirates? The options are many, and if you need feedback on your ideas, feel free to contact the organisers on kontakt@firefly-live.dk.


Small, terraformed planets like Clementine were made for opportunists. Anyone can buy a one-way ticket to a destination far away from the Alliance's surveillance - both the desperate and the optimistic -, and build a new home. Around Zionia Station, you will find small businesses that support the bustling activity level on the planet by supplying those who venture to Clementine with anything from medicine to a tender bossom. 

The reasons to settle far out in the Rim can be many, but it is rarely a place where people with better alternatives would venture. Although unexplored planets and moons are ripe with adventure and opportunity, they are far from the core planets' safety, and if you want a life out here, you will have to build it from scratch. For the thrifty and entrepreneurial as well as for those with no other choice, the fertile orange grounds of Clementine are perfect if you want to start your life anew. 

As settlers, you've chosen to pack everything up and start a new life on Clementine. Your motives to do so may be that you are fleeing from something or someone, and see Clementine as a chance of a different life, or that you were lured here by the Alliance's propaganda about Clementine's fertile grounds that will make you all rich. Perhaps your goal is not to make money off of the earth itself, but instead by catering to those who've come to mine or farm it. Both locals and visitors need medical aid, entertainment, ammunition and necesseties, which the settlers on Clementine can provide. 

What is playing a settler about?

  • Creating life and ambience at Zionia Station
  • Doing business and running establishments like casinos, bars, spaceship garages and hospitals, and offering your services
  • Having a more relaxed experience at the scenario, which doesn't necessarily involve solving the main plot

What is playing a settler not about?

  • Flying on missions into space
  • Outplaying your rivals through complicated intrigues 
  • Shooting down people with your guns

It may be a good idea for you as a group to provide some sort of service, as you will then always have something to occupy yourselves with. It could be medical assistance, mechanical services, drinks and a delightful evening, or entertainment through formal tea parties and Chinese dancing.

Remember to construct your group in a way so that everyone has a function. The missionary hospice may e.g. consist of a priest who is the spiritual leader, a medic handling the operations, a woman on the run hiding her true identity beneath her veil, a fanatic monk trying to salvage as many damned souls as possible in the bars on Clementine, and a young acolyte who actually dreams of flying on adventures into the Black. 

Consider why you've chosen to go to Clementine. Are you fleeing the law while trying to build a new life under another name on one of the most remote planets? Were you driven by the desire for a better life on your own terms? There are many options, and if you need to discuss your ideas with the organisers, feel free to contact us on kontakt@firefly-live.dk.


At the very top of the 'Verse's hierarchy you will find the wealthy and influential nobles. These are people with the right last names and connections, who need not concern themselves with the struggles and suffering of simpler folk. Most nobles are from old, rich families, while others have only risen to money and power over the last generations making them relatively new in the finer social spheres. 

Although nobles, compared to the common plebs, enjoy an unobtainable status, their ranks have both high and low. The core planets are often home to the richest, oldest and most important noble families, while the nobles you will find in the Rim were usually forced out there one way or another, far away from the safety and luxury of the core planets. 

It only takes one weak link to break an otherwise strong chain, and although an old name may still enjoy some respect, the money your family once possessed may actually be spent, or a series of unfortunate events in social settings may have thwarted your  revered name. You may also have risen to money recently, and feel forced to venture out where the status of noble is easier to obtain, and where the unwashed mob doesn't need to know your name, but just know that it is much better than their own. 

Thus, Clementine is also the Land of Opportunities for nobles who either seek to restore their honour and fortune, or to make a name for themselves. The Alliance has put the title of Governor of Clementine up for grabs. Therefore, the race for claiming as much territory on Clementine and her surrounding asteroids is on, so that you may earn a title that is respected all the way to Londinium and Sihnon. 

What is playing a noble about?

  • Actively participating in the race for territory and resources
  • Hiring spaceship crews to fly out and claim territory in your name
  • Outplaying your competitors to obtain the title of Governor of Clementine 

What is playing a noble not about? 

  • Sitting in a classroom all day counting your money in the hope that you will be the richest by the end of the scenario
  • Flying on missions into space
  • Sitting around all day drinking beer among the commoners at Zionia Station's bar

As nobles, you are tasked with creating plot and roleplay for the many crews and groups by hiring them to fly on missions for you. In order for the spaceship crews to get flying, they need a paid job, and this is where you come in: you have the money and the resources while they have the vehicles, and neither of you will get very far without one another. You have an important job as nobles, as the game will become stagnant if you just lean back and sleep on your money. You will start the scenario far richer than anybody else, and in return we expect you to spend those money on creating roleplay for your fellow players and thereby yourselves.  

Thus, an extra plot-wise responsibility rests upon the nobles' shulders, and we therefore reserve the right to reject nobles concepts we deem unfit to carry out this task. If your concept is rejected, we will of course be ready to talk about other ideas within the settler- and spaceship crew categories. The sign-up for nobles will be closed once 4 groups have been accepted.

As nobles, you will compete about claiming territory on Clementine and her surrounding moons and asteroids. You do this by sending out spaceship crews to plant your flag. However, not all territories will bring in the same amount of respect and profit, meaning that claiming an asteroid with fertile earth counts for more than one that is completely barren. By the end of the scenario, an Alliance official will guest the planet and appoint the most influental noble - the one with the most and the best territories - as Governor of Clementine. The details about this will be specified to the accepted nobles groups. 

The nobles who've ventured out to Clementine is a far cry from the top of Londinium's and Sihnon's social circles, and the desire to create or restore your name has brought you to the verge of the Rim.

Perhaps you've gathered around the unwanted son of an important aristocrat who've been sent too far away to cause his family any harm by either seeking redemption or perishing into oblivion. You may also be noveau riches, only recently risen to money, regardingClementine's fertile lands as a fresh start far away from the insufferable snobs at the core planets. Maybe you've come by your wealth in a most dishonest manner, now wishing to create an honest name so that those who used to subdue and mock you will have to scrape and bow before you. 

When creating your group, you should consider the fact that a noble group consists of others than a noble, and that everybody should have a function. One or two people may be the front figures, but by having meaningful functions you ensure that everybody has stuff to do, and won't just spend the entire scenario in the shadow of the nobles. 

A nobles group may thus consist of a young cast-away nobleman, born with a revered name, but who, after several scandals, was sent to Clementine by his family. He, of course, has an ambition of creating his own name, both to prove himself to his family, and to maintain the indispensable luxury he is used to. Joining him is his tattletale of a sister, who knows all about how a real noble should behave. These two youngsters are protected by a bodyguard who previously served in the Alliance, but who, after she was let go, was tasked with protecting the two young nobles. None of the youngsters have the farthest idea about the value of money, and therefore the book keeper of the family has joined, both to keep accounts and to wipe out whatever fires the two nobles may start. These fires are often enabled by the lady's chambermaid who collects all the gossip she loves so much, and enjoys keeping the young lord's bed warm too. 

There are many options, and if you are ready to take on the responsibility of playing a nobles group, the organisers are excited to read your concepts and perhaps brainstorm ideas. Don't hesitate to contact us on kontakt@firefly-live.dk if you are up for playing nobles.