Through Firefly: Take Me Out to the Black we want to delve into the variety of the Firefly universe by including as many elements from the popular series as possible. All three organisers have partaken in previous Firefly-larps, and have had lots of great experiences. Therefore we are now looking forward to creating a vivid and captivating universe together with you, and to hopefully contribute towards more amazing Firefly-experiences. 

We want to show just how cynical the Alliance can be, and how tight their grasp on power is if you push your luck. Although Alliance officers will not be lurking around every corner, the fear of getting caught on the wrong foot is ever-present when you put all your eggs in one basket in the race for big money and the high life. 

In our Firefly universe, spacers, like sailors on the seas of Earth-That-Was, have a certain respect towards the Black; it is your livelihood, but it is also wild and treacherous, and may one day claim your life. 

Rumours about Reavers are flourishing. Some folks believe they're still out there. Others scoff at such old wives tales. But when you're out there on the Rim, on the verge of the known part of the 'Verse, the thought doesn't seem all too unlikely. 

This is a world where you make your own fortune, and where those who have the courage can write their own story. Whether you're a noble, merchant, spacer, or just someone with an earnest desire of making a new life; now is your time! A gold fever is raging through the 'Verse, and everybody wants their share of the exploits.