It has become expensive to host larp events, and since we would like to deliver a high quality scenario, the price will match our ambitions. In return we assure you that all your money will be spent on you as a player. The organisers and Vannadon work voluntarily to create and host Firefly: Take Me Out to the Black. Should the scenario generate any profit, the money will go to future projects in Vannadon.

For your money, we will make your experience as all-inclusive as possible. This means that we take care of food, location, scenographics, NPC's and plot. All you have to do is create your character and group (which the organisers will gladly help you with), and your own accomodation in the form of a spaceship or a territory.

The organisers, in collaboration with you, strive to create as complete and holistic a Firefly-experience as possible. Of course we can't build a film set, but we will do our best to include as many Firefly elements as possible through setting, scenography and NPCs. This means that the law enforcement will be the Alliance, the former resistance will be known as the Independents or the brown coats, the currency will be credits, the world will be a beautiful multi-cultural melting pot of American, Chinese and other cultures that left Earth-That-Was, and so on.

Our hope is that you will join us in fulfilling this vision by adapting your gear and backgrounds to the world that is presented in the Firefly series and -movie. We don't expect you to be Firefly reenactors, and we are open to thinking outside the box, but if all group concepts are a bit too far-fetched, we might as well have held a generic sci-fi scenario. If you're in doubt about whether your concept or gear is Firefly enough, you're more than welcome to contact the organisers on How Firefly is the scenario gonna be?. We will do our best to help you back on track. We would rather help you creating an awesome original concept within the given frames of the scenario than have you staying away.

We would like to see a wide array of concepts derived from the Firefly universe, such as spaceship crews, religious groups, companions, smugglers, mafia bosses and nobles. However, there are a few types og characters that we up front will request you not to include in your concepts:

  • Powerful undercover Alliance officers: Although it is tempting to make a character with strong ties to the Alliance, we request that you do not make groups or characters that, in times of need, can play a get-out-of-jail-card because "Really, I was a super secret Alliance officer all along, and when I press this button they will show up and blow all you scoundrels to pieces!". We don't see this as constructive roleplay, and therefore we won't accept these types of characters. Of course the Alliance will be present throughout the scenario, and you can very well play a deserting soldier, a character whose family sympathise with the Alliance, "former employees" and so on.
  • Aliens and mutants: Though it is rumoured that the Alliance through chemical experiments has managed to create Reavers, and despite the fact that the 'Verse is vast and not yet fully explored, there are no aliens in Firefly. Therefore it is not possible to include aliens in your group- or character concept. Physical mutations like fur, extra eyes and horns also don't belong in this niche of the sci-fi genre.
  • Psychics: Even though it is implied that River from the Firefly series has expanded her consciousness, it won't be possible to play a psychic at the scenario. Neither will there be skills in the skill trees facilitating this. However, we would love to see concepts like fortunetellers and other forms of quackery, who make money by convincing others that they've got a 6th sense that allows them to know which asteroid or investment will make your fortune, bless or cleanse your ship or territory, or make your pay for seeing a "real alien" in the form of a deformed cow fetus.
You can read much more about what you can play under the point "What Can I Play?" in the dropdown menu.

Although Firefly: Take Me Out to the Black is an independent Firefly-project, the organisers have frequently guested the previous scenarios, and are therefore very open towards roles and groups who've been played before. This scenario won't carry on any plotlines from the previous scenarios, but of course this doesn't mean that you cannot keep playing on your personal plots and relations from before. However, although your concept has been played before, it still needs to be approved by the organisers, and we reserve the right to bring adjustments and suggestions to your concepts.

At Firefly: Take Me Out to the Black you need to participate in groups of 3-7 people. It is not possible to participate on your own. If you don't have a group yet, we recommend that you go look for one (or for people for your own group) through our Facebook page. There is always someone who could use an extra gunner, pilot, lawyer or doctor!

Firefly: Take Me Out to the Black is an 18+ scenario, which means that you need to be 18 by the start date of the event. If you are between 16-18, you can in some circumstances get dispensation to participate if you're accompanied by a legal guardian of at least 18 years.

Contact the organisers on kontakt@firefly-live.dk if you are under 18 and would like to go.

At Firefly: Take Me Out to the Black, 3 meals will be served per day: cold food for breakfast and lunch, and a warm meal for dinner. We aim at accommodating as many people as possible with our choices of food, and at all meals vegetarian alternatives will be present. Unfortunately we don't have the resources to accommodate vegans or people with allergies toward e.g. gluten, tomato or lactose at the evening meals. However, if you want to bring some special food that suits your diet, contact the organisers, and we will make storage space for you in the fridges.

In our opinion, bad characters ruin other people's characters or plot-play. An example could be an assassin whose primary goal for the scenario is to kill other characters. Characters that are primarily based on gear/weapons or one specific scene are also bad characters. This could for example be a character built around the fact that he/she has a rocket launcher, or who is built around one very specific scene which he/she waits the whole scenario to arise. Instead, you should focus on building a character with clear goals, objectives and ambitions for coming to Clementine.

We believe that a good character has a number of objectives that he/she would like to achieve during the scenario, and can win conflicts without necessarily killing other characters. A good character does not necessarily imply great importance, but someone who contributes with great roleplaying experiences to his/her surroundings, both friends and complete strangers.

Just like a bad character is one that ruins the scenario and plot for others, the same counts for groups. A group that cannot activate itself, and just sits around and waits for the entertainment to land in their faces is not very useful in this scenario-setting. A particular pitfall here could be a group of mercenaries, which depends on being hired by others to get into the game. If you wanna play guns for hire, make sure that it is not the primary goal of your group, but just a side hustle you can take when the opportunity arises.

Groups that have only planned internal plot and that do not actively participate in other relations are often not constructive in a scenario setting. Of course you can jampack your group with internal relations and conflicts, but make sure to also make some relations outside the group so that you don't end up sitting all by yourself in a classroom throughout the entire scenario.

Groups that instantly use deadly violence when faced with challenges are not very constrictive to the play. Of course a conflict can end up in armed fights, but make sure to have more steps on your conflict-ladder than a bullet between the eyes of your enemies. If you e.g. are a group of big bad buillies, you may have hired a diplomat or a lawyer to negotiate and handle the conflicts you might run into.

Good groups have solid internal plot and relations which players outside the groups can benefit from and have fun with as well. Groups that take action and hereby create plot and activities for themselves and other players are good groups. A group should have an income and some clear objectives during the scenario. This way you ensure that you will always have something to do.

It is a good idea to have clear opinions towards the different fractions so that you may actively particupate in conflicts and debates at the space station. When you create your group concept, make sure to ask yourselves how you feel about the Alliance or the Independents? How high is morale? Would you help other crews in distress, or would you shoot them and take their resources? What do you want to achieve from going to Clementine?

Of course you can. If you and your group aren't after gun-loaded action, you can easily come and have a splendid time while contributing to the Firefly ambience. We still expect you to read up on the Firefly universe and the setting so that you can join in on discussions at the space station on e.g. the celebration of Unification day on the local pub, or participate in banter about the scumbaggery of the Alliance.

If you're mainly after ambience play, we encourage you to make a group that doesn't actively look for or escalate conflicts. Remember that just because you can handle a conflict here and now, you can't just get out of it's consequences 4 hours later because you've lost interest.

We recommend ambience groups to play settlers on Clementine.

There will be alcohol at Firefly: Take Me Out to the Black, as the scenario is a senior-scenario. We expect that adults can handle drinking wine instead of sodapop. Drinks such as beer and ciders can be purchased during the scenario in our bar. We don't want to get stuck with loads of alcohol because everybody decided to bring their own keg, and therefore you are not allowed to bring your own beer or cider. If you do so, your stash will be confiscated and kept in the GM bunker until outtime. You can also buy soda and hard liquor at the bar, but you are allowed to bring a small amount of these beverages yourself.

If we see players who are too drunk to roleplay, they will be put to bed. At the CQB-arena, the organiser in charge will judge whether you're sober enough to use it, and we reserve the right to reject groups and characters who can no longer handle NERF-war.

With regards to drugs (yes, this also includes cannabis), Danish federal law will apply, meaning that you are not allowed to neither bring nor consume drugs during the scenario. If you are affected by drugs during the scenario, you will be sent home on your own costs.

It is not allowed to smoke or vape on the school grounds, and we encourage you to finish up as quickly as possible and get back into the game.

Firefly: Take Me Out to the Black will have a few overall plotlines that anyone can seek out during the game. However, you will have to actively engage with it, so don't expect the main plot to just fall from the sky. We will do our best to keep our players informed about important ingame events during the scenario. We will operate with a small and dynamic group og NPCs, who make sure to create the right ambience and support the main plotlines.

When the main plot is not actively sought out, Firefly: Take Me Out to the Black can be classified as a sandbox-scenario. We hope that you as players will help us construct the perfect Firefly-sandbox that everybody likes to play in.

A group consists of 3-7 people. In our experience, bigger groups eradicate the individaual roles, and besides, we would like to avoid that players win conflicts through sheer numbers. However, in rare cases we do give dispensation for en extra person in your group. Contact the organisers on kontakt@firefly-live.dk if receiving a dispensation is really the only way for you and your friends to attend the scenario together. We are more likely to grant dispensation to ambience groups and settlers.

If you are 8-9 people, consider the possibility of having more fun by playing two smaller groups. Your best friends can often be your best worst enemies.

You are not allowed to bend the rules regarding group size by e.g. making a spaceship crew of 7 people, and their hired goons of 7, which in praxis works as one big wrecking crew of 14 people. Please respect the rules, as you will otherwise create a terrible imbalance at the scenario. If you are 14 people who'd like to go, we refer you to the previous suggestion.

We know that many of you have an inner Jayne Cobb and have a huge arsenal of NERF guns. We also know that there are full automatic weapons in the Firefly universe. However, we would like a more Space-Western and dynamic style of combat at the scenario than NERF darts and -bullets flying around our heads. Therefore it is only allowed to bring 1 full automatic weapon per group. You are free to bring as many manual guns as you like. We hope that you will see this as an opportunity for the fights at the scenario to depend on more factors than how much your NERF-gun has been tuned.

Nothing in the Firefly universe dictates that there are only two genders. Therefore, we welcome players of all gender identities, and your character may have exactly the gender identity you want it to. You will have to respect the fact that other players, like in the real world, may have troubles navigating the various pronouns and gender identities, and we encourage you to help them to address you correctly. If you'd like to play a character with another binary gender than what you identify with, we only ask that you make it clear that you are a man or a woman through your costume and background so that other players can easily identify your character as its appropriate gender.

The primary language at Firefly: Take Me Out to the Black will be Danish. However, the language in the 'Verse is a beautiful melting pot of all the languages that left Earth-That-Was during the Exodus, and therefore you have every opportunity to play around with the language and speak English, Chinese or something else during the scenario. Gun HOE-tze bee DIO-se.

If you are an international player, all communication towards you will of course be in English.